Xiaohan Ding

  • Master Student in Computer Science, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Welcome to my website! I recently graduated from University of Massachusetts Amherst with a Master of Science degree in Computer Science, and I am currently working at Amazon as an Applied Science in the Automatic Speech Recognition field.
Interests: My interest lies in the intersection of Scocial Science, Statistics, and Computer Science. I like to ask the question, what makes the society it is today and how can we make it better. How to quantify “fairness” and design frameworks and algorithms that account for this “fairness”. In the world where everything becomes to connect to the internet, how can we design systems and artificial agents which act in the best interest of human and make people better off.

Research Projects

More About Me

In order to feed myself after college I started learning how to cook, and it has quickly became one of my favourite things to do. I love trying recipes from different cultures and countries. I learned dishes from the Mideast, the Mediterranean, Peru, India, Thai, Korea and many more. Check out some of my favourite dishes here. The experience of cooking food from places other than my home country showed me that many good flavors are international. I think just like life, we are all sharing the experience of existing on this planet.

I grew up playing piano and attending drawing classes, both I still love to do. Recently, I have been induging myself in the rap music world. I love the poeticism of the rap lyrics, and the love and hope behind them.